Breakfast Buffet ( $ 6.99 / person )

A choice of breakfast pastry platter or Bagel platter served with fresh fruit platter

and fresh brewed regular , flavored , decaf coffee and tea service

Breakfast Pastry Platter ( $ 2.99 / person )

Variety Bagel,Muffin,Danish and Croissant

Served with Cream cheese,butter and jelly

Bagel Platter ( $ 2.49 / person )

An assort of fresh Bagels served with plain , Low Fat

Vegetable and Rasin-nut honey cream cheese



All platters are made with Boar's Head Brand meats and cheese


Lunch Platter ( $ 8.99 / person )
Choose sandwiches, hoagie, wraps, focaccia or a combination from our menu selection.

Each sandwich is cut In half and attractively arranged on a platter.

Each platter includes gourmet potato chips, mayo , and spicy and regular mustard on the side.  


Lunch Buffet ( $ 12.99 / person )

Mix and match different combinations to create a sandwich, hoagie, focaccia, or wrap platter.

Comes with the Choice of a salad from our menu or fresh fruit salad

and gourmet potato chips, pickles, mayo, and spicy and regular mustard included 


Lunch Deluxe Buffet ( $ 16.99 / person)
Sandwich, Focaccia, Wrap w/choice of salad from our menu or fruit salad,cookies & brownies,

gourmet potato chips, pickles, mayo, spicy & regular mustard on the side.